School Comparison Tool

This tool allows you to compare the energy performance of a number of schools within a Local Authority group or across the whole of Energy Sparks. The aim is to allow you to identify the best and worst performing schools to provide examples of best practice and to identify the schools needing the most support to improve their energy management.

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Annual electricity use per pupil

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This benchmark compares the electricity consumed per pupil each year, in £.

A realistic target for primary schools is to use less than £20 per pupil per year, for middle schools £30 and for secondaries £40. There shouldn't be a significant difference between schools as all schools need to use roughly the same amount of ICT equipment, lighting and refrigeration per pupil. Exceptions might be schools with swimming pools or sports flood lighting which can significantly increase demand.

To meet these targets the biggest reductions can often be achieved by focussing on 'baseload' ensuring equipment is turned off out of hours, and that the equipment which is left on is as efficient as possible. Energy Sparks has separate comparisons and analysis for baseload.

The data excludes storage heaters which are reported elsewhere under the 'heating' benchmarks.

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