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This tool allows you to compare the energy performance of a number of schools within a Local Authority group or across the whole of Energy Sparks. The aim is to allow you to identify the best and worst performing schools to provide examples of best practice and to identify the schools needing the most support to improve their energy management.

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Storage heater out of hours use

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Storage heaters consume electricity and store heat overnight when electricity is cheaper (assuming the school is on an 'economy 7' type differential tariff) and releases the heat during the day.

Ensuring heating is turned off over the weekend by installing a 7 day timer can provide very short paybacks - 16 weeks in this case study. Turning off the heaters or turning them down as low as possible to avoid frost damage can save during holidays. We recommend you set a school policy for this. Energy Sparks can provide accurate estimates of the benefits of installing 7-day timers, or switching off during holidays if you drilldown to an individual school's analysis pages.

You can get Energy Sparks to send you a reminder (an 'alert') just before holidays to turn your heating off.

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