School Comparison Tool

This tool allows you to compare the energy performance of a number of schools within a Local Authority group or across the whole of Energy Sparks. The aim is to allow you to identify the best and worst performing schools to provide examples of best practice and to identify the schools needing the most support to improve their energy management.

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Change in annual heating consumption

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This benchmark shows the change in the gas and storage heater costs from last year to this year.

Schools should aim to reduce their heating and hot water costs each year through better control of boilers and storage radiators; making sure they are switched off when unoccupied. Better management can typically reduce these costs by between 15% and 50%, at little or no cost to a school. Even something as simple as turning the thermostat down 1C can lead to a significant reduction in costs.

Upgrading boilers, switching from gas based circulatory hot water systems to point of use electric hot water, and installing boiler optimum start control and weather compensation which require investment will reduce costs further.

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