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This tool allows you to compare the energy performance of a number of schools within a Local Authority group or across the whole of Energy Sparks. The aim is to allow you to identify the best and worst performing schools to provide examples of best practice and to identify the schools needing the most support to improve their energy management.

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Change in gas consumption between the 2 most recent holidays

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This comparison shows the change in consumption between the 2 most recent holidays. This can be affected by whether the heating was turned on one of the holidays, and not on the other. Generally, schools don't need heating during holidays, or at least not to heat the whole school if minimally occupied! Using an electric fan heater is always more cost effective for a few individuals in the school during holidays than heating the whole school.

You can setup an Energy Sparks 'alert' to send you an email or text message just before a holiday to remind you to turn heating or hot water off.

An infinite value indicates the consumption in the first period was zero.

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There are no schools to report using this filter for this benchmark