School Comparison Tool

This tool allows you to compare the energy performance of a number of schools within a Local Authority group or across the whole of Energy Sparks. The aim is to allow you to identify the best and worst performing schools to provide examples of best practice and to identify the schools needing the most support to improve their energy management.

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Number of days heating was on last year

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Schools often forget to turn their heating off in warm weather, about 10% of schools leave their heating on all summer.

The chart and table below show how many days the heating was left on in the last year and the potential benefit of switching the heating off in warmer weather. Schools should target reducing the length of the heating season to below 90 days.

You can set up Energy Sparks email or text alerts which will notify you if the weather forecast for the coming week suggests you should turn off your heating.

School name No. days heating on last year Saving through reducing season to average Saving through reducing season to exemplar Saving through reducing season to exemplar
Ringmer Primary School 129 days £225 £734 18.8%
Little Horsted Primary School 127 days £61.70 £289 14.6%
Ditchling (St. Margaret's) CE Primary and Nursery School 124 days £80 £388 16.4%
The Haven Primary School 121 days £101 £566 13.9%
Wivelsfield Primary School 105 days 0p £204 8.95%
Pevensey & Westham CE Primary School 97 days 0p £165 4.63%
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School 96 days 0p £77.60 3.82%
All Saints Primary School 93 days 0p £38.70 1.84%
Robsack Wood Primary Academy 91 days 0p £26.40 0.741%
St Richard's Catholic College 84 days 0p 0p 0%