Enrol our Multi-Academy Trust

How do I enrol our Multi-Academy Trust?

  1. Please complete our enrol form to share details about your schools’ energy supply arrangements and meters. This information is necessary to allow us to assess how easily we can onboard your schools to Energy Sparks.
  2. We will contact you to discuss next steps. This can include a demo of Energy Sparks to MAT staff.
  3. We normally issue a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to outline expectations on both sides. View an example SLA.
  4. Where schools purchase energy through a MAT contract, Energy Sparks will normally need a Letter of Authority and a list of the relevant meter numbers provided by the MAT. Where schools purchase energy through a Local Authority contract, Energy Sparks will normally need a Letter of Authority provided by the Council energy team. Sometimes, the Local Authority can set up automated data reports to Energy Sparks through their own supplier portal access. Where schools have alternative purchasing arrangements, they will normally provide their own Letter of Authority.
  5. Each individual school will also provide permission for us to access and publish their energy data as part of their account set up, alongside confirming agreement with our terms and conditions.
  6. MAT staff are expected to support Energy Sparks with school recruitment using marketing materials provided by Energy Sparks. Energy Sparks is most impactful when it is linked with other sustainability focused activities ongoing across your MAT. Energy Sparks can often present to MAT sustainability groups or other appropriate forums.