How Energy Sparks Works

Energy Sparks makes saving energy fun and uses healthy competition between schools to motivate adults and pupils. The competition is based on points awarded for investigating energy activities, whole-school energy-saving initiatives, learning about energy as part of the curriculum and reducing the school’s energy consumption.

Each school’s energy-saving journey will evolve in a different way. However a good balance of activities will cover each of the Energy Sparks categories:

  • Investigating Energy Use
  • Learning
  • Spreading the Message
  • Whole-School Activities
  • Taking Action Around the School

We have listed some suggested activities for each category – we hope you and your pupils will think of many others!

Getting Started

To record your energy saving activities on the website:

  1. sign in and visit your school’s homepage
  2. click on ‘new activity’
  3. use the drop down menus and comments boxes to record your activity
  4. click on ‘save activity’

To enter an energy-saving activity not included in the dropdown list, select ‘other’ and put a brief description of what you did in the comments box.

Return to your homepage regularly and record all your new activities, including any you have repeated. You will immediately be awarded points for any activities you record in Energy Sparks.

Generating an Energy Saving Plan

The next stage is to use the activity lists as a starting point to generate an Energy-Saving Action Plan.

Don’t forget to look at your gas and electricity usage charts to help you see when the most energy is being used in your school and spot opportunities for making savings.

Scoring points

The site will automatically award points for each activity you record and display your total points on your homepage.

To compare your score with that of other schools, view the scoreboard.

Whether or not you are in the lead you will be able to see how your school improves over time; with a few new energy-saving activities you will soon earn more points to move up the leader table.

Don’t forget to share your successes with the whole school to spur them on to even greater energy efficiency