Review the Energy Sparks energy usage charts for your school

Abbey Lane Primary School, Tuesday, 10 December 2019
5 Analyst KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5

What you did

Reviewed with James on his visit 10/12/19

Activity description

With your Eco Team or class review some of the Energy Sparks charts for your school. Here are some questions to think about while you are looking at the charts:

1. Do you know what gas is used for at your school? 
2. Is it used for heating the building and hot water, and cooking in the school kitchen? 
3. Does gas heat all of your school, or just some buildings or areas?
4. This chart shows gas consumption on a recent school day:

When are the times of day when most gas is used? What is happening then? Is there a peak in gas use across lunchtime, if gas is used for cooking in the school kitchens? During the winter there will also be a peak in gas use in the morning as the school heats up ready for the pupils and teachers to arrive.

Now compare it with a recent day at the weekend.  How much does gas consumption reduce at the weekend? Do you think your school should use less gas at the weekend?

5. During the summer time, when the school heating should be turned off, how much gas does the school still use?

1. This chart shows electricity consumption on a recent school day:

When are the peaks in electricity use on school days? Do they mostly occur at the same time each day? Why do you think these occur? Think about food being prepared in the school kitchens, dishwashers running, kettles running in the staff room, photocopiers running, hot water heating switching on, electric heating .....

Now compare it with a recent day at the weekend: 

How much does electricity consumption reduce at the weekend? Do you think your school could use less electricity at the weekend?

2. Can you work out what electricity is used for at the weekends and the school holidays? Can you write a list of all the equipment which might be left on outside of school hours, and then investigate whether they can be switched off?

3. This chart shows the school baseload for electricity consumption over the last year. This is the school's electricity use overnight and at other times when the school is closed. Can you think of ways to reduce this level? 

Your Eco team or class should review the energy use charts regularly to see how you are doing. You could set aside some time each week to look at changes. Don't forget to enter it as a new activity and earn more Energy Sparks points each time you review your charts! You could record some of your observations each time you enter it as a new activity.

Energy Sparks supports Abbey Lane Primary School in partnership with Sheffield City Council