Your energy saving actions

1 action

March 2023

Switched off heating at weekends

Fri 3rd Mar 2023
2 actions

February 2023

Changed central heating set temperature

Mon 20th Feb 2023

Half term turn off

Sun 19th Feb 2023
3 actions

January 2023

Put thermometers in each classroom

Mon 23rd Jan 2023

Checked windows are closed at the end of the day

Mon 9th Jan 2023

Started a campaign to keep the doors and windows closed when the heating is on

Mon 9th Jan 2023
1 action

December 2022

Changed central heating operating times

Mon 5th Dec 2022
5 actions

November 2022

Started a campaign to open blinds and switch off lights

Thu 10th Nov 2022

Checked windows are closed at the end of the day

Wed 9th Nov 2022

Introduced a policy on switching off lights

Mon 7th Nov 2022

Checked fridge and freezer door seals

Mon 7th Nov 2022

Started a campaign to only switch on kitchen equipment when needed

Wed 2nd Nov 2022
1 action

October 2022

Started a whole school switch-off campaign

Thu 20th Oct 2022
2 actions

August 2022

Upgraded security lights to LED

Sun 21st Aug 2022

Added loft or wall insulation

Sun 14th Aug 2022
2 actions

July 2022

Turned off fridges and freezers in the school holidays

Mon 18th Jul 2022

Upgraded whiteboards

Sun 17th Jul 2022
1 action

September 2019

Replaced school boiler

Mon 30th Sep 2019