Last week, your electricity baseload was 49% more than the average over the last year

This chart shows your electricity baseload over the last year. This is the amount of electricity you use overnight when the school is empty.

Our analysis

The Problem
Your average electricity baseload last week was 5.2 kW. This is 1.7 kW greater than the average baseload over the last year. If this continues it will cost you an additional £2,200 over the next year. 

Common causes
A high baseload is often caused by: 
  • Old freezers and fridges running constantly 
  • Inefficient IT servers
  • Security lights 
  • Electric water heaters 
  • Water chillers 
  • Air conditioning 
  • Computers, whiteboards and other electrical equipment left running when the school is closed. 

If your baseload suddenly changes it could be because you have installed a new item of electrical equipment which is running all the time. 

What you should do
Reducing a school's baseload is often the fastest way of reducing a school's energy costs and reducing its carbon footprint. For each 1kW reduction in baseload, the school will save £1,050 per year, and reduce its carbon footprint by 2,400 kg.
  • Find out whether any new electrical equipment or lights have been installed which are running all the time. Do they need to run all the time?
  • You should check to see what lights and appliances are left on at the end of the school day and get pupils and staff to switch off lights and appliances when they go home, and before the school holidays. Don't forget to look in offices or school kitchens. 
  • Use appliance monitors to check how much energy your school fridges and freezers are using, as these need to run all the time. A modern fridge or freezer uses £30 to £40 of electricity a year, but old models can use up to £500 of electricity a year. 
  • Consider replacing old ICT servers with modern servers or move to saving your school's data in the 'cloud'. Removing the need for school ICT servers can also save energy previously used for air conditioning in school server rooms. 
If you reduce your baseload by 10% you will save £680 over the next year. 

Taking action

Energy Sparks supports Castle Primary School in partnership with Bath and NE Somerset Council and Schools Climate Network