Your energy saving actions

1 action

April 2022

Switched off lights on sunny days

Thu 28th Apr 2022
1 action

March 2022

Staff discussed energy efficiency in staff meeting

Fri 4th Mar 2022
1 action

February 2022

Checked windows are closed at the end of the day

Wed 2nd Feb 2022
1 action

January 2022

Started a campaign to open blinds and switch off lights

Thu 13th Jan 2022
1 action

December 2021

Switched off lights and IT equipment after school

Wed 1st Dec 2021
1 action

November 2021

Introduced a policy on reducing energy and resource use for printing and photocopying.

Wed 10th Nov 2021
1 action

September 2021

Attended Energy Sparks training

Thu 2nd Sep 2021
Energy Sparks supports Clwyd Community Primary in partnership with Egni Coop and Swansea Council