What's been going on?

April 2022
1 action

Switched off lights on sunny days

Thu 28th Apr 2022
March 2022
2 actions

Completed an activity: Create a promotional video to get pupils and staff to save energy

Tue 15th Mar 2022

Staff discuss energy efficiency in staff meeting

Fri 4th Mar 2022
February 2022
1 action

Checked windows are closed at the end of the day

Wed 2nd Feb 2022
January 2022
1 action

Started a campaign to open blinds and switch off lights

Thu 13th Jan 2022
December 2021
1 action

Switched off lights and IT equipment after school

Wed 1st Dec 2021
November 2021
1 action

Introduce a policy on reducing energy and resource use from printing and photocopying.

Wed 10th Nov 2021
September 2021
2 actions

Completed an activity: Set up an Energy or Eco team to lead on energy efficiency at your school

Mon 13th Sep 2021

Attend Energy Sparks training

Thu 2nd Sep 2021
Energy Sparks supports Clwyd Community Primary in partnership with Egni Coop and Swansea Council