Your heating ran on 131 days over the weekends and holidays in the last year. This is bad.

This chart shows your spend on gas when the school was closed over the last year.

Our analysis

This chart shows the days when your heating was running over the last year.  Your heating ran on 131 days over the weekends and holidays. This has cost you £3,800 over the last year. 

Sometimes there are good reasons for the heating to be running during the school holidays and weekends, for example the school is used at weekends for community events, or school staff are coming in to do preparation work. However, it is often not necessary to heat the whole school, if one or two staff members are potentially coming into the school for a few half days – it is better that they use local heating, for example fan heaters rather than heating the whole school. The main reasons for not turning the gas boiler off during holidays and weekends are:

  • the school forgets (Energy Sparks now sends text alerts and emails just before school holidays as a reminder to turn the boiler off)
  • the school doesn’t know how to turn the boiler off (most commercial boiler controllers have ‘holiday’ functions to help with this)
  • someone is going to be in the building at some point during the holidays
  • the school is worried about burst water pipes; this shouldn’t be a concern as most school boilers have automatic frost protection. Energy Sparks' general advice is that frost protection systems need to be set as low as possible, so at 4C for the external temperature and 8C for the internal temperature. Set temperatures can depend a little on the configuration of the school – if there is a particularly cold section of the school, a long way from a thermostat, then we would recommend a higher temperature. 

Can you improve your heating controls to reduce your holiday and weekend consumption this year?

Taking action

Energy Sparks supports King James 1 Community Academy in partnership with OASES and Durham County Council