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Annual use

Annual Use (kWh) Annual CO2 (kg) Annual Cost Change from last year Change in last 4 school weeks Potential savings
Electricity 39,000 3,100 £5,900 +4.2% -1.4% £42
Gas 140,000 29,000 £4,200 not enough data -82% 0p
Energy saving opportunities Potential saving Cost Payback
Turn off the heating during weekends and school holidays
£150 /year 0p 0 days Find out more
Turn the heating down by 1C.
£300 /year 0p 0 days Find out more
Change to or from a differential tariff (eg Economy 7)
£1,221 /year 0p 0 days Find out more

Recent use

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What's been going on?

February 2020
4 actions

Completed an activity: Appoint pupil energy monitors in all classes

Thu 13th Feb 2020

Completed an activity: Carry out a spot check to see if lights or electrical items are left on at lunch time

Thu 13th Feb 2020

Completed an activity: Monitor whether outside doors and windows are closed during cold weather

Thu 13th Feb 2020

Completed an activity: Run a whole school lights switch off competition

Thu 13th Feb 2020
December 2019
2 actions

Completed an activity: Introduce an energy efficiency reward system

Tue 3rd Dec 2019

Completed an activity: Governors discuss energy efficiency in Governors' meeting

Tue 3rd Dec 2019
May 2019
1 action

Long Furlong Primary School joined Energy Sparks!

Thu 9th May 2019

Long Furlong Primary School Staff

Long Furlong Primary School Pupils

Energy Sparks supports Long Furlong Primary School in partnership with Oxfordshire County Council