Mayals Primary School

Primary Mayals Primary School, Fairwood Road, West Cross, Swansea, SA7 0HY SA3 5JP

Summary of recent energy usage

Use (kWh) CO2 (kg) Cost (£) Potential savings % Change
Gas Last week 2,150 451 £226 n/a -4.5%
Last year 58,500 12,300 £2,760 none -1.2%
Gas data: 23 Jun 2021 - 30 Nov 2023. More information

Act on energy usage

Last weekend 96 kWh of gas was used costing £10. Switch off the heating at the weekend to save energy!
The school's thermostatic control at 0.71 is above average. An average value for schools is 0.62 and a perfect value is 1.0. The lower the value below 1.0, the worse the school's thermostatic control.

Recent energy usage

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Energy saving opportunities

Cost saving
per year
Reduced emissions
per year
Delivery cost
Turn the heating down by 1°C
£560 1,100 kg CO2
0p Find out more

Mayals Primary School Staff

Mayals Primary School Pupils

Energy Sparks supports Mayals Primary School in partnership with Egni Coop and Swansea Council