Your school's weekly electricity use in Spring half term 2021 increased by 71% compared to Spring half term 2020.

The Problem
Your weekly electricity consumption in Spring half term 2021 was 15,000 kWh compared with 8,700 kWh during Spring half term 2020.  The percentage increase was about 71%.

Common causes
This can be caused by:
  • Appliances and lights left on when the school is closed
  • New appliances or lights recently added.

What you should do
  • Find out whether the school has purchase new electrical equipment. Remember to check in offices and kitchens, as well as the classrooms. Use appliance monitors to understand the energy use of any new electrical equipment.
  • Find out whether the school was used for extra activities over Spring half term 2021. These may have caused more electricity to be used. 
  • Carry out a spot check to see if lights or equipment are left on after school, when the building is empty.
Energy Sparks supports Morriston Comprehensive School in partnership with Egni Coop and Swansea Council