Over the last year 57% of your gas was used when the school was closed. This has cost you £2,700.

Our analysis

The Problem
Over the last year 57% of your gas was used when the school was closed which is high compared with the best schools which use only 30% when the school is closed. Reducing out of hours gas use is one of the easiest, and cheapest ways of saving lots of energy. Reducing your school's out of hours usage to 30% would save £1,300 per year.

What you should do
  • You should check when your heating is switching on in the morning using the Energy Sparks gas charts. Generally, the heating shouldn’t be turning on before 05:00 in cold weather and 07:00 in less cold weather.
  • You should also check when your school is using gas during the weekends and school  holidays.
  • Talk to your caretaker, site manager or business manager about changing the boiler times so the heating does not come on too early in the mornings or run at the weekends and during the school holidays. For most schools there should be no gas use at weekends and in the school holidays. The only reason gas might be used is to protect the pipes from freezing in very cold weather. By getting rid of weekend gas use at your school you could save £140 per year, by getting rid of holiday gas use you could save £320 per year, and by reducing gas use overnight on school days you could save up to £2,300.

Taking action

Energy Sparks supports Prince Bishops Community Primary in partnership with OASES and Durham County Council