Investigate how much energy families use at home

St Andrew's Church School, Thursday, 13 February 2020
20 Investigating energy usage KS1, KS2, KS3

What you did

At my home I counted the radiators and there was 4 of them. The temperature for the first one was on 7 the second one is a mini one witch you can change the temperature but usually it’s on 22 C 
The second radiator is in my bedroom at the side is normally on 19:24 C and the last one witch is in the living room is on 5. We have 2 radiators in the living room because it is a big room.We also actually have 3 radiators in my Mum and Dad’s room (witch is the same room)so there are 9. I’ll try to be a better counter next time. 

Activity description

Pupils will ask other pupils and parents/carers to think about how much energy they are using at home and respond to a paper or online questionnaire.  

They could use the information from these results to inform future campaigns or creative work aimed at their families and the wider school community.