Write a policy on closing external doors and windows when the heating is on

St Andrew's Church School, Thursday, 05 March 2020
30 Whole-school activities KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5

What you did

In my house I turn all lights off when we are not in that room even when someone is heading there and just got there, that’s why my family call me light police. But not only I keep lights off I keep windows and doors closed especially when the heater is on because it will escape from the room! There is a reason for this; in my opinion I do all of this because if nobody else does, then soon enough our entire family will be wasting money on the heater, when we had our chance to solve it, But because it’s too late so how can we solve it? Every time when I am using a tap and I finished using it I stay there for a while to see if it actually turns off. If it does then I go and do my stuff that I have to do. But if it doesn’t then I turn the handle even more tighter then I wait again and so on. One day  when I finished my apple I noticed that the bin had a lot of different kind of rubbish so I asked my Mum to get a plastic, a paper and tissues ,a general bin and a cardboard bin and both of us saved enough money to buy all of the bins! So now when I’m finished with my apple I see there isn’t that much rubbish in the bins and I feel happier than ever!

Activity description

It is very common for classrooms to have the heating on and windows and doors open for fresh air or cooling. This is a big waste of energy! Turning off radiators first before you open windows and doors is really important. 

Can you write a policy to get everyone in the school to remember to always keep windows and doors closed when the heating is on? Remember you can reduce classroom temperatures using radiator thermostats and boiler controls rather than opening doors and windows.

Make a start by looking at our example, then adapt it for your school or write your own one.

Things to consider when writing your policy:
  1. Who will have responsibility for closing doors and windows? Can both pupils and staff do this?
  2. How will you let other classes know what they are supposed to be doing and why?
  3. Who will monitor whether doors and windows are closed? Will you have class energy monitors or will your Energy or Eco-team do spot checks each day?
  4. How will you record your findings? 
  5. How will you share with the rest of the school how well you are doing?
  6. How will you reward good performance?