Monitor whether outside doors and windows are closed during cold weather

Trinity C of E First School, Thursday, 24 October 2019
5 Investigating energy usage KS1, KS2

What you did

Today energy sparks club measured the temperatures around the school. We discovered that some areas in our school are too warm and therefore the school's thermostat will need to be turned down. The children also made stickers to stick on all of the external doors/windows to remind people to keep the doors shut when the heating is on. 

Activity description

Getting the temperature right in the classroom is important; too hot and everyone falls asleep and doesn’t learn, too cold and we shiver, and must put extra jumpers on.  Sometimes teachers open windows or doors when the classroom gets too warm and stuffy during  the winter months. Instead we should try to turn down the heating to reduce energy use and save the school money. Opening windows or doors means we are letting all the heat out of the building, and wasting money.

Pupils can complete this activity to identify where heat is being wasted in school.  Are thermostats and radiators turned too high?

Download activity guide here
Download monitoring sheet here