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Summary of recent energy usage

Use (kWh) CO2 (kg) Cost (£) Potential savings % Change
Electricity Last week 1,280 65.6 £193 n/a +12%
Last year 68,100 8,120 £10,200 none n/a
Electricity data: 6 Nov 2020 - 24 Jun 2022. More information

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Recent energy usage

Energy saving opportunities

Cost saving
per year
Reduced emissions
per year
Delivery cost
Reduce your electricity baseload
£1,800 2,300 kg CO2
0p Find out more
Reduce your peak electricity consumption
£970 1,200 kg CO2
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What's been going on?

February 2022
1 action

Attend Energy Sparks training

Tue 1st Feb 2022
December 2021
2 actions

Installed lights with occupancy sensors

Mon 20th Dec 2021

Upgraded interior lights to LED

Mon 20th Dec 2021
January 2021
1 action

Upgraded kitchen appliances

Fri 1st Jan 2021
February 2020
1 action

Added solar PV

Mon 17th Feb 2020
August 2019
1 action

Upgraded whiteboards

Thu 1st Aug 2019
May 2019
1 action

West Witney Primary School joined Energy Sparks!

Fri 10th May 2019

West Witney Primary School Staff

West Witney Primary School Pupils

Energy Sparks supports West Witney Primary School in partnership with Oxfordshire County Council