Zap energy saps

Cut down home energy waste by spotting your household's energy sapping habits

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More than half of the energy produced in the UK is wasted - this is equivalent to more than half the average UK annual electricity bill.

Every one of us can try to reduce the energy we waste. 

Cut down the energy you waste by spotting your household's power pits and energy sapping habits. These might include:
  • Having long hot showers
  • Keeping the fridge or freezer open for a long time while you decide what you want to eat 
  • Turning up the heating when cold rather than putting on a jumper 
  • Putting appliances on standby rather than switching them off at the wall 
  • Leaving lights on when you leave the room

    Speak to your parents about these other power pits 
  • the fridge and freezer - keep them clean and free of built up frost and check that the seals are airtight
  • the thermostat - turning it down one degree can save £££
  • radiators - dust, vacuum and bleed them to keep them efficient
  • the kettle - only boil the amount of water you need
  • the washing machine - cool temperatures and full loads will cut energy costs

 Make some posters to place in the energy sapping hotspots around your home to help your family save more energy. 

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