Education Workshops

To support engagement and drive impact, Energy Sparks offers in-person and virtual half day education workshops to participating schools across the UK. Education workshops can include:

  • Assemblies
  • Eco-team and class workshops
  • In-person training on using Energy Sparks for eco-team leads, estate staff and business managers.

We will work with your school to deliver a workshop that meets your school’s needs and interests. Sessions can include:

  • Energy warriors: Introduce your pupils to the energy we use in our homes and schools
  • Our school, our climate: Learn about how the small changes we make in our school can affect the climate
  • Energy detectives: Learn how to conduct an energy audit and identify energy guzzlers around the school
  • Spot what’s hot: Learn how to analyse heating charts and explore temperature and heating in your school using a thermal imaging camera

Please note, education workshops are currently only available to schools with an active Energy Sparks account. In-person workshops are available in most areas of England and Wales. We are currently only able to offer virtual workshops in Scotland.

Workshops are available on a paid-for basis from £250 to £500 dependent on location and whether provided in-person or online. Discounts are available if we are able to co-ordinate workshops for several schools within the same Multi-Academy Trust or Local Authority to cut down travel. Some schools in designated regions will be eligible for free in-person workshops. We will let you know if you are eligible for a free workshop or provide an accurate quote after you have completed the workshop booking form.

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