Case studies

Engaging KS1 pupils at Widcombe Infant School
How Energy Sparks helped staff at Widcombe Infant School in Bath engage their young pupils reducing their carbon footprints at school and at home.
Energy Sparks Alerts
Automated alerts notified users of an unidentified heating problem, saving Freshford Church School £1000s in electricity costs.
Turn it off Tuesday
Pupils at Prendergast Primary School took the lead on a switch off event that showed the entire school how easy it is to cut your electricity consumption.
Saundersfoot Primary Pupil Action
A cross curricular approach at Saundersfoot Primary saw pupils taking the lead on energy action in practical, creative and very effective ways.
Energy Sparks audits
Energy Sparks helped Mallaig High School cut their heating by 38%
Identifying inefficient equipment
Pupils at Freshford Church School used Energy Sparks to identify energy wastage from an inefficient freezer of £740 per year
Improving the timing of boiler controls
Whiteways Primary School used Energy Sparks to change their boiler controls to save 35% in annual gas use.
Storage Heater Control
Stanton Drew Primary used Energy Sparks to reduce storage heater costs by 28%. This saving covered the installation cost within 16 weeks.
Replacing an inefficient ICT server
Replacing an old inefficient ICT server saved Trinity First School £1,600 in electricity costs per year, returning the investment in 2.5 years 
Replacing Storage Heaters
Trinity First School replaced storage heaters with air conditioning in its Early Years classroom block, saving about £1,500 per year in electricity costs.