Analyse your school energy use - what's happening in the school kitchen?

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School kitchens can consume a lot of electricity.  To produce hundreds of dinners to be served in a very short period of time, schools need industrial scale equipment.

Let's look at the data from schools with kitchens and schools with out.  Compare the graphs of Schools and A and B with those of Schools C, D and E.  The schools in one group have a kitchen onsite, the others do not.  Can you tell which is which?   

Group 1
Group 2

Create a questionnaire to ask your kitchen staff about their energy use.  You may want to ask questions like:

  • When you do arrive and leave?  
  • What equipment do you switch on when they arrive?
  • What time are the ovens/ dishwashers/sterilisers/ ventilation hoods/ kettles turned on and off?
  • When do fridges and freezers get turned off?  

The schools in Group A have kitchens.  Their energy consumption is typically high until lunchtime then tails off.  Schools without kitchens usually have a profile that rises to an obvious peak at lunchtime. 

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