Analyse your school energy use - when pupils are at school

10 KS1 KS2 KS3 KS4 KS5 Citizenship
Use your knowledge of the school day and your school data to analyse when electricity is being used by pupils.

What time do pupils arrive?  Is there an increase in electricity use when pupils arrive?  Have all lights, appliances and technology already be switched on by staff?  If electricity use drops, why might that be?

What's happening at break times?  Is there a decrease in electricity consumption or does it increase?  Why might that be?  Are appliances switched off?  Might more appliances be switched on during that time?

When do you have whole school assemblies?  Do you see a difference in electricity use at this time?

What time does the official school day end and the majority of pupils go home?  Is this reflected in the data? 

How long does it take your school to drop down to its baseload level?
(The electricity baseload is the electricity needed to run all the appliances that can't be switched off overnight; ideally the blue bars showing overnight use on the chart should all be around the same height.)

Do you have an after school clubs?  Can you see these reflected in the data?
When do school staff go home?  Is this clear from looking at the data?

Compare different days of the same week to see if there is a difference in behaviour patterns.

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