Tell leaders what you want them to do about climate change

Tell our political leaders what you want them to do to fight climate change

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There are many ways that we can communicate with our leaders - writing letters, signing petitions, visiting them in their offices and protesting are just a few. 

Sometimes our voices are louder when we join with others who want to achieve a similar goal.  

Many environmental organisations in particular come up with wonderfully creative ways of having our voices heard.   

Pupils at Caerleon Comprehensive invited the Climate Change Minister for the Senedd to their school to find out about their Energy Sparks work and presented this display.

Another example is to make a tree of promises like the children of Widcombe infants school did in the run up to COP26.

Step 1: Make a leaf

You could use one of the templates provided, get creative and draw your own leaf shape, or find a fallen leaf from a favourite tree. Make sure it’s big and strong enough to write on!

Step 2: Write your #PromiseToThePlanet on one side

It could be as simple as cycling anywhere you can rather than driving by car, or making food and snack choices that are kind to the planet. Or you could go further, and promise to try and bring about a bigger change in your community by talking to your local MP or school management, or starting a local club or campaign.

Step 3: Write a promise you want world leaders to make on the other side

Step 4.  Once you've displayed this in your school for the whole community to see, send these leaves to your local Council or MP or invite them to the school to hear your thoughts.

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