Use live data to reduce peak electricity use

Use live data to reduce your school's peak electricity consumption

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When do you think your school uses most electricity?  For most schools this is right in the middle of the day.  What's happening in your school between 10am and 1pm? 

Depending on the size, number of pupils and energy efficiency of your school, it might be using on average anywhere between 20 and 100 kW of electricity at peak times.  The more electricity you're using, the more opportunities there are for reducing your consumption!

Can you challenge your school to reduce its peak electricity consumption in the middle of the day?  You can use our live display to assist you.

You may want to complete this activity first so that you know which equipment and lights you are allowed to switch off.

Check the live data display to see how much electricity your school is using.  Then go around the school switching off non-essential equipment and lights.

Can you reduce the amount shown on the display by 1kW?

(The term for the amount of energy that is being used when everything that can be turned off, is turned off, is baseload.  If you have turned all non-essential equipment and lights off you will be left with the baseload.) 

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