Inform community groups using your school about your energy saving mission

Inform all groups using your school about the need to save energy and how to do it

20 KS3 KS4 KS5 Citizenship
Before you tackle this activity you will want to have a look at how much energy is being consumed when community groups are using your school buildings.

You will need to know:
  • which groups are using your schools out of hours
  • which parts of the school they are using
  • how much electricity or gas they're using
  • whether you want to communicate to them in terms of cost (£) or carbon emissions (kg CO2)
Your office manager or site manager can help with some of these answers.

Your school should have set a target to reduce its energy use over the coming year.  If not, talk to you teacher or headteacher about this.  Be sure to mention this in your communications as you can encourage the community groups to help you achieve these.

How will you get the message across?
You might want to put up posters in the parts of the school that are used.  Or why not write them a letter.
Tell them why you're trying to save energy at school and why it's so important that you need everyone to get on board.  Show them the data and the part they play.  Give some suggestions about what they could be doing to help bring usage down.  And don't forget to be polite!

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