Fight food waste at home

Take the fight against food waste home and save those lonely leftovers and sad-looking snacks in your fridge and cupboards.

5 KS1 KS2 KS3 KS4 KS5 Citizenship
Food waste is a huge problem and a massive contributor to climate change.  70% of all food that's thrown away in the UK comes from our homes so let's start tackling the problem there with this tasty task.

Bread, fruit, vegetables, potatoes and cheese are among the most wasted food in the UK. Luckily they're also quite easy to use up when they're a little past their best.

Your mission is to find something in your fridge, cupboard or fruit bowl that is past its best.  A wrinkly,  apple, brown banana, stale bread.  Maybe you've got some leftovers hanging around.  Give it a wash/ cut off any mouldy bits then head over to where there are tonnes of recipes for delicious meals and treats to make and enjoy. 

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