Run a switch off campaign

Take action on holiday energy waste by running a switch off campaign

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Most schools use much of their energy when the school is actually closed to pupils!  Can you believe that they'd want to be heating and powering an empty building when it costs so much and has such a huge environmental impact to do so?

In this chart the holiday weeks (each bar is a week) are almost as high as the school term weeks!

Can you see how much the example above was spending on powering the school during the holidays?

In advance of the next holidays ask your Site Manager or Caretaker to sit down with you and create a list of everything that can be turned off for holidays. 

Here are a few things to put on the list:
  1. Gas and electric room heating (it is amazing how many schools leave this running!). Don’t forget electric heaters in temporary classrooms and storage heaters. 
  2. Hot water heating 
  3. Hot drink boilers (there may be some in the staffroom or kitchen)
  4. Water chillers
  5. Photocopiers and printers
  6. Computers, ipad and laptop chargers, smart boards, and projectors
  7. Any IT servers which are not needed during the holidays
  8. Music technology equipment
  9. Design technology equipment
  10. Fridges and freezers can be emptied and turned off
  11. Extraction fans and fume cupboards
  12. Air purifiers introduced as Covid mitigation

Make sure that everyone knows about the switch off list.

Hold an assembly, speak to the teachers in a staff meet or make posters to go around the school, including:
  • a turn it off poster for the teacher's workroom (don't forget those communal areas!)
  • a sign for the staffroom, or a
  • chart for the kitchen.

Why not have a look at some of the Energy Sparks checklists (above right) to help you make sure nothing is missed.