Students and staff create a holiday switch off checklist

Create a school switch-off checklist to be used before weekends and holidays to ensure nothing is forgotten

30 KS2 KS3 KS4 KS5 Citizenship
Students and staff work together to create a holiday switch off checklist for your school. You can use our templates to help. You might want multiple lists - one for each area or even each room so that it is clear what needs to be switched off and where. Don't forget to put a name to actions so that it is clear who is responsible.

Here are a few things to put on the list - make sure relevant staff members are aware of what is needed:
  1. Gas and electric room heating (it is amazing how many schools leave this running!). Don’t forget electric heaters in temporary classrooms and storage heaters. Make sure frost protection settings are on and checked before winter holidays
  2. Hot water heating - this could be a central heating system, electric immersion heaters in tanks in roofs and cupboards, and point of use electric hot water heaters. To mitigate any Legionella concerns make sure any tanks or pipe runs are flushed and heated to 60°C before pupils return after a long break
  3. Hot drink boilers
  4. Water chillers
  5. Photocopiers and printers
  6. Computers, tablet and laptop chargers, smart boards, and projectors
  7. Any IT servers which are not needed during the holidays
  8. Music technology equipment
  9. Design technology equipment
  10. Before long holidays, consolidate the contents of fridges and freezers in the school kitchens, staff room, food technology rooms and laboratories, and turn off as many as possible
  11. Extraction fans and fume cupboards
  12. Air purifiers introduced as Covid mitigation

Get your eco-team and caretaker or site manager involved on the last day of term. Make sure someone has clear responsibility for the switch-off. You might want to appoint one person per room/area.
Use the Energy Sparks checklist to help you make sure nothing is missed.