Pupils meet with the caretaker or site manager to discuss their role in saving energy

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Here are some energy saving issues you could discuss  when you meet with the school caretaker or site manager. Some schools may not employ a permanent caretaker or site manager so you should discuss  these issues with the Business Manager instead:
  1.  How often are heating time settings reviewed? Heating needs vary throughout the day so check that the system operating hours match the times when heating and ventilation are required. Review time settings every month or so to check that they are correct. Many systems function inefficiently because  someone made a short-term adjustment and then forgot about it 
  2.  How often do they check heating thermostats?  It is important to ensure thermostats are not influenced by draughts, sunlight or internal heat sources like radiators or ICT equipment. Settings should reflect the activity taking place in the space. Make sure  they are out of reach of children where possible, to prevent unwanted adjustment by pupils.
  3.  Do they deal with dripping taps and leaks promptly? 
  4. Are the hot water tanks insulated along with the hot water distribution pipework.  
  5. Does the school have time switches to ensure that water is heated only where and when it is needed? How often are these time switches checked and adjusted?
  6.  Is there draught stripping installed to any old windows and doors where needed? Is it checked for signs of damage or damp and replaced when required? 
  7. Are old and dim lamps replaced with modern energy  efficient lighting such as LEDs?
  8. Does  the  school have any  time switches  or occupancy sensors used to control lights in some areas? 
 After your meeting feedback results to the School Business Manager and Head Teacher to create an overall picture of the school’s energy use, and any improvements that could be made.
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