Run an assembly about saving energy

10 Spreading the message KS1, KS2

  1. Present some of the Energy Sparks charts in an assembly. Explain to pupils what the charts show in terms of the main uses of energy at your school, and ask pupils for ideas of how you could save energy. Use the assembly to present an action plan to reduce energy use. Present a follow-up assembly after a  month to present Energy Sparks charts showing the change since the last assembly, and discuss further ways you could reduce energy use.
  2. Present some of the data you have collected at your own school, through your monitoring campaigns, for example recording whether classroom lights are turned off at lunchtime, or whether doors and windows are closed when the heating is on. Draw your own charts to present the data, and then present an assembly to tell your audience about what your results mean, and what the school could do  next to reduce its energy use.
  3. Create a promotional video to get pupils and staff to save energy. Show the best videos in assembly to get  the whole school involved, even the youngest children. How about running a whole school lights switch off competition whereby each class is allocated their own classroom and another area of responsibility in the  school (eg toilets, corridors, halls, offices etc)? Allocate each class 200 points at the start of the competition. Monitor lights daily and if lights in their particular zone or classroom are left on then points are deducted from their score. The class with the most points at the end of a two week period is the winner of the competition. To get people excited about taking part, and to outline the rules, create a short video and present it in an assembly. 

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