Share the energy saving message with parents and the local community

10 Spreading the message KS1, KS2, KS3

  1. As you complete some of the other Energy Sparks activities, record  your activities with photos. Use the  photos to create a display for the school website promoting energy saving measures. This will help to remind parents and the wider community of simple energy saving steps they should continue to do at home and at school. 
  2. As you complete some of the Energy Sparks activities, think about how you could persuade others to adopt the same energy saving measures. Can you design posters that get across your message clearly, catch pupils and parents attention and remind  them to save energy? Mount these posters in locations which are seen by parents when visiting the school. 
  3. Write a newspaper or magazine article about saving energy or an energy related issue such as global warming. Submit the article to school or community newsletters, parish magazines or similar, or your school website. You could choose to illustrate your article with diagrams and pictures. You could also choose to present some of the data you have collected at your own school, through your monitoring campaigns, for example recording whether classroom lights are turned off at lunchtime, or whether doors and windows are closed when the heating is on. Draw your own charts to present the data, and then use the article to tell your audience about what your results mean, and what the school will do  next to reduce its energy use.
  4. Write a fictional story to convince your audience to save energy. You could write a science fiction story set in the  future with global warming. Research some of the expected consequences of global warming, and describe a world where some of those consequences are a reality. Make your world of the  future feel real. Invite your readers to see, hear, feel, smell and even taste what our planet under global warming might be like. Submit your story to your school newsletter or website for publication.
  5. Create a promotional video to get pupils, staff and parents to save energy. Post the best videos on your school website to get  the whole community involved. 

Earn more Energy Sparks points for each different type of promotional activity you carry out and record.

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