Introduce an energy efficiency reward system

Motivate pupils and staff through a reward system to highlight positive energy efficiency behaviour

10 KS1 KS2 KS3 KS4 KS5
Consider carrying out daily monitoring of:

Checks of classroom temperatures
(are they within an agreed range)
Monitoring whether outside doors / windows are closed during cold weather

Come up with your own system to record performance in each class or department or use our recording sheets (from the activities above).

Some schools use:
  • token systems - show good performance with a green token in a pot in the classroom and poor performance is recorded by a red token in a different pot. This creates a visual view of the performance of a class. The class with the most green tokens at the end of an agreed period of time gets an award.
  • sticker charts so the individual performance each day can be trackedĀ 
  • electronically via charts which are shared in assemblies

How could you reward classes that are trying their best to reduce energy waste?

The Golden Lightbulb

Rewards for the best performing classes could range from an Energy Saver of the Month trophy, to environmentally themed low cost prizes such as packets of seeds for use in a school garden, going on a class nature/wildlife walk etc . Some secondary schools have rewarded the best performing department with extra money for resources!