Monitor whether adults and pupils are wearing warmer clothes inside the school building during winter

5 Investigating energy usage KS1, KS2

Wearing a jumper in the winter will save lots of energy and money as you will need less heating.

Can you devise an experiment to find out how many children and teachers are wearing warm clothes inside the  school buildings? You could use this monitoring sheet to help you record the data in each classroom. 

You could count how many children and teachers are wearing a jumper, sweatshirt or fleece when they arrive in the morning. Are they still wearing these extra layers after they have been in the classroom for a couple of  hours? If lots of  children and teachers are taking their extra layers off, could you turn down the heating by 1C?

Alternatively, if children and teachers are  coming to school in short sleeves during the winter, could you plan a campaign to encourage everyone to put on a jumper, so you can turn the  heating down?

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