Create a promotional video to get pupils and staff to save energy

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Create a promotional video to get pupils and staff to save energy.

Step 1: Outline what are the main energy saving messages you want to share with the other pupils and teachers. 
Step 2: Write a simple script (2 or 3 paragraphs) conveying the essence of your energy saving message. Use expressive words. 
Step 3: Create a “shot list” to capture everything that is in your script and more. If you say “switch off lights” in your script, get a shot of a pupil doing that for the video.
Step 4: Roll Camera! Be sure to get close ups and wide shots. It is always more interesting to have movement, whether it is the camera that is moving or, if your camera is stationary, what you are shooting is moving. Also, remember to have fun with it, make people forget they are on camera!
Step 5: Editing and voice over. It seems obvious but when editing – go with the best! Choose good colour, plenty of light, things in focus, etc. Add the voice over.

Show the best videos in assembly to get  the whole school involved, even the youngest children. 

You could also consider creating some videos to share with parents and the wider school community about the importance of saving energy at home and work, not just in school. 

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