Staff implement measures from their energy survey (all B&NES schools have a survey)

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In 2013 all schools in Bath and North East Somerset received an energy survey and report with recommendations. Most schools were shown to be poor at managing their energy with significant opportunities for reducing consumption. 

Check your own school's report, and address some of the recommendations. Many recommendations have no cost implication other than the staff time involved. Record the recommendations you implement to earn your Energy Sparks points. Share the improvements you make across the whole school community.

If you do not have access to your report, please request a copy from

Common recommendations across Bath and NE Somerset Schools were:

  • Boiler control settings at the majority of schools could be improved significantly; in particular to set up holiday schedules to minimise the 26% of gas consumed during holidays and weekends. 
  • Hot water systems in schools are particularly inefficient; many schools should move to more efficient point of use electric hot water heating. 
  • Thermostatic heating control needs to be improved – through measures like rezoning, moving of thermostats, upgrading radiators and weather compensation – most of these will require capital investment, but will provide both energy savings and improved thermal comfort. 
  • Measures to reduce electricity consumption should focus on upgrading to more efficient lighting and reducing school’s base loads, particularly focussing on ICT; minimising it’s out of hours consumption.

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