Be a solar spotter

Help the local community energy company to find more solar suitable roofs.

5 KS2 KS3 KS4 KS5 Citizenship Humanities
Spot solar-suitable roofs
Solar energy is awesome because it's free but we need solar panels to turn that energy into electricity we can use. 

Learn about what makes a great solar power site and identify sites that should have solar panels. 

Roofs that are perfect for solar power are:
  • pitched direct east/west or facing south and are not shaded
  • in good condition/ can bear the weight of solar panels
  • at least the size of a tennis court (280m ) if pitched or the size of two tennis courts (at least 650 m ) if flat
  • on buildings where lots of energy is used, especially in summer
  • on buildings in good condition 

Make sure you record this activity for every child that completes it.


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