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School management

Energy Sparks is an online energy analysis tool and energy education programme specifically designed to help schools reduce their electricity and gas usage through the analysis of smart meter data. Energy Sparks helps schools reduce their carbon emissions, and make a real contribution to addressing the 'climate emergency'.

Energy Sparks has been developed by Transition Bath, a registered charity in England and Wales, whose aim is to build a sustainable future. Energy Sparks is currently provided free to schools through funding by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Automatic charting and analysis

Energy Sparks analysis focuses on low cost measures which can help schools save energy and fight climate change. On average 50% of gas and electricity is consumed at schools when they are closed and the buildings are unoccupied. Energy Sparks highlights opportunities for energy saving at at your own school through:

  • Reducing out of hours use
  • Improving control of school boilers
  • Advice on purchasing of new energy efficient equipment
  • Benchmarking versus other schools

Notification of changes in energy consumption

Energy Sparks provides online, email and text notification of changes in energy consumption with recommended energy saving actions tailored just for your school. Suggested energy saving interventions and capital investments are prioritised for each school to maximise cost and energy savings.

Energy Education Support

Energy Sparks aims to provide school pupils with life skills in understanding energy, learning about the problems of energy generation and climate change, as well as empowering them to support their own school to save energy.

Energy Sparks has over 60 energy related activities which pupils can participate in through eco-teams or class based learning. The activities include downloadable lesson plans for teachers and worksheets for pupils. Schools gain points for completing activities and these contribute to a scoreboard where pupils can compete with other schools providing extra motivation.

Enrol your school
I initially got involved with Energy Sparks as I thought it would inspire the children to be more eco-aware. Little did I realise back then how much we would be saving now! …We should be able to save £800 annually so that's over £15 extra per child per year - all thanks to Energy Sparks.
Andrew Marriott

Deputy Head

Federation of Bishop Sutton and Stanton Drew Primary Schools, Bath and NE Somerset

Case studies

Case Study 1: Freshford Church School

Using energy information provided by Energy Sparks to reduce annual electricity costs by £740.

Case Study 2: Whiteways Primary School

Using energy information provided by Energy Sparks to save 35% in annual gas use.

Case Study 3: Storage Heater Control

Using Energy Sparks to reduce storage heater costs by 28%. This saving covered the installation cost within 16 weeks.