Your adult dashboard

The adult dashboard for your school includes a range of useful insights and information about your energy usage, including:

  • a summary of your recent gas, electricity and storage heater usage
  • a summary of your solar generation and export if relevant
  • alerts and suggestions for ways you can take action around the school
  • charts which summarise your recent gas, electricity and storage heater usage and highlight the periods of the day during which you use the most energy
  • potential energy saving opportunities
We also provide you with links to more information and guidance.

This help page provides some background about the energy usage summary table that is displayed at the top of your dashboard. 

What does your summary table show?

The table at the top of your dashboard provides some key information about how you are using gas and electricity. This includes:

  • Use (kWh) - your energy use, in kWh
  • CO2 (kg) - the CO2 emissions released when your energy was generated
  • Cost - we determine an approximate cost for your recent energy usage using average tariffs paid by schools. If you have provided us with your actual tariffs you will need to log into your account and visit the Cost pages to see your actual costs.
  • Potential savings - we compare your usage against an average, exemplar school in Energy Sparks to determine potential cost savings. For accuracy reasons we only provide this for your annual usage and only when we have enough data available
  • % Change - if we have several weeks, or several years worth of data then we can calculate whether your usage has increased or decreased over the reported period.

We calculate these figures on a daily basis, using the latest data we have available. 

The "Last week" of usage will summarise your usage based on the last calendar week. Your "Last year" usage covers the previous 12 months.

Why is some data not available?

If we don't have enough historical or recent data, then we may not be able to include all the figures in your summary table.

The summary table includes a caption that shows you the date ranges that we currently have available for your school. Our calculations will be based on this information.

  • If we don't have at least a year's worth of data, then we are unable to calculate your annual usage. We will instead display a date when we expect to have enough data
  • If we don't have at least a week's worth of data, then we are unable to calculate your recent usage. Again, we will display a date when this will become available.
  • If we don't have enough historical data, e.g. several weeks or several years worth of usage, then we are unable to show your % change.
  • We don't calculate any potential savings based on your last week of usage. For this short period we can't provide an accurate figure. You will always see "N/A" for this figure.

On your annual usage, if there has been a delay in loading recent data, then we total the data we have available, but indicate that it is not up to date by displaying the figures in red.