Changed central heating set temperature

The best temperature for schools is 18°C in classrooms and 15°C in sports halls and corridors

30 points for this action


Before doing this action, make sure you have carried out a period of monitoring classroom temperatures so that you know how warm your school is. You can record this as an Energy Sparks pupil activity and you can use this form to record the temperatures in your school.

The best temperatures for schools are: 
  • Normal classrooms: 18°C
  • Corridors: 15°C
  • Areas with high levels of activity (e.g. sports halls): 15°C
  • Areas with low levels of activity: 21°C
  • Special needs schools or areas with very young children: 21°C
After you have monitored temperatures across the school, check what temperature the main heating thermostats are set to. Do your recorded temperatures around the school match the heating control temperature? 

Often temperatures in classrooms are higher than the temperature set for the main heating system because the main heating system thermostat is located in an area of the school which is hard to heat. For example, it can be located in the school hall which can be a large, poorly insulated space or the main entrance area of the school which is prone to cold draughts from opening doors. If you find this is the case, you could try reducing the heating system set temperature to lower than 18°C and continue to monitor classroom temperatures and comfort levels.