Added solar PV

Installing solar PV on your school roof is a very cost effective way of reducing energy bills

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Solar PV works well at schools as peak output from the panels around midday coincides with peak consumption at your school. Payback on investment is typically about 10 years but it can be significantly less if you can find grant funding. Energy Sparks automatically analyses the potential benefits of adding solar PV onto your school by estimating costs and reduced electricity bills. 

Possible sources of funding include:
  • School PTAs are often very enthusiastic about raising funds for this very visible climate change mitigation
  • Local companies are generally very happy to contribute small sums e.g. 10%
  • SALIX loans are often available
  • Local Authorities generally have access to very low cost financing
  • Community Energy companies - a number of Energy Sparks partners would be happy to provide panels on your roof. Please contact for more information.

Solar panels are a very visual way of advertising the school’s commitment to mitigating climate change and can act as a catalyst for pupils to take further action. We even have activities for pupils to help in determining the benefits of solar panels for your school.

You can ask for specialised advice from qualified installers listed on the MCS website. Government grants or low interest loans are often published on the SALIX website.

Once solar panels are installed Energy Sparks can present your solar generation, consumption and export alongside your electricity consumption from the National Grid so that you can monitor the performance of your panels, and keep track of your total consumption. Let us know on if you get new panels installed so that we can add them to your school's account.