Turned off water chillers and hot drink boilers in the school holidays

Water chillers and hot drink boilers do not need to be left on over the school holidays and at weekends as they waste lots of energy

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Ask your caretaker or building manager or members of your eco-team to turn off water chillers and hot drink boilers at the end of each school day, at weekends and holidays. Sometimes it is best to organise this via a formal written list of tasks that your building manager carries out on a daily basis or at the start of a holiday or weekend.

Depending on the type of water chiller or hot drink boiler, you may need to carry out a procedure at the end of each holiday to remove any built-up bacteria if the units have not been in use for a period. If you are uncertain what to do, consult the appliance manufacturer or your Health and Safety consultant.

If you are buying new appliances, direct-type appliances which do not have reservoirs are often a better buy as they do not waste energy storing water at high or low temperatures.