Added loft or wall insulation

25% of a building's heat will escape via an uninsulated roof

30 points for this action


Insulating any roof spaces and unfilled external cavity walls is an effective and inexpensive way of reducing heat losses. Insulating loft spaces is very cost effective and you will get a return on your investment within a few years in reduced energy costs.

Unfortunately many school buildings have flat roofs and single external walls making insulation measures more difficult, disruptive and costly. Improvements to these are most cost effective during refurbishment projects and should always be considered when the opportunity arises. Insulating above a flat roof before a new waterproof covering is laid is very cost effective.

Staff and governors should review current roof and wall insulation across the school site, identify areas where insulation can be improved and incorporate a programme of insulation into the school’s site development plan. You can earn Energy Sparks points each time an insulation project is completed.

If you have poorly insulated loft space, you can find a list of accredited installers on the Insulation Assurance Authority’s website. They will be happy to come out to survey your school and provide a quote. They also have ‘room in roof’ contractors who will insulate under flat roofs.