Cleaned windows to reduce need for lighting

Wash your school windows every 6 months to maximise natural light

20 points for this action


Dirty windows mean that teachers and pupils are more likely to switch on lights in classrooms. Cleaning windows and reducing clutter around windows will help to maximise daylight coming into the room and minimise the need for artificial lights. Energy Sparks recommends that school windows are washed every 6 months to maxmise natural light, and blinds are left open as much as possible.

The recommended light levels for schools are:

Corridors: 100 lux
Foyers, entrance halls, canteens: 200 lux
Libraries, sports halls, gyms, classrooms, computer rooms: 300 lux
Laboratories, kitchens: 500 lux
Technical drawing room: 750 lux

Get your pupils involved with monitoring light levels in classrooms and developing an action plan to make the most of natural light.