Write an energy action plan for your school


  1. Start with a review of the Energy Sparks data and analysis to identify the energy consumption challenges for your school. Energy Sparks alert notifications and analysis should be able to identify some quick, low-cost wins for your school.
  2. Use this information to list where energy might be wasted at your school. These are the problems you need to address.
  3. List the possible actions you could take to address each of these areas of waste. The Energy Sparks 'Find out more' pages linked to the alert notifications give you lots of ideas to reduce energy use.
  4. Identify whether you need more information to support your actions, for example carrying out indoor temperature monitoring.
  5. Identify the staff or pupils responsible for each energy saving action.
  6. Identify a completion date, or whether the action is ongoing.
  7. Identify whether  there is a cost associated with the action, and how the cost will be funded.
  8. Identify targets for future energy performance.
  9. Share the problems and proposed actions with the whole school. 
  10. Keep updating the school with your performance so everyone takes ownership of reducing energy use, and helping to reduce climate change.