Created a policy on switching off information technology equipment

30 points for this action


No equipment should be left on standby. If it is not being used, it should be off. 
  1. Regularly audit your school’s energy use and identify areas for improvement
  2. Switch off whiteboards in classrooms when they are not in use and before leaving the classroom
  3. Ensure all computer monitors are switched off whenever they are left unattended
  4. Encourage staff to turn off equipment like smart boards and projectors at the wall rather than just using remote controls
  5. Install an automated system where all computers shut down automatically at the end of the day
  6. Implement a sticker coding system (traffic lights or shapes to assist those that may be colour blind). Green indicates equipment which should be switched off when not in use (for example, PCs, projectors and interactive whiteboards). Amber highlights equipment which should be switched off after ensuring that no-one is using it (for example, the main office computer). Red indicates equipment which must not be touched and should not be switched off (for example, a server or a fridge.) Place a coloured sticker onto the on/off switches and plugs of each item of Information Technology equipment and communicate to all school users that they should look to switch off equipment unless it is marked red

Each class or area of the school could have an eco monitor to monitor equipment being left on standby.
Use your Eco Team to do spot checks throughout the week.