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February 2022
8 actions

Switched off heating in school holidays

Fri 25th Feb 2022

Changed central heating operating times

Fri 25th Feb 2022

Switched off heating at weekends

Fri 25th Feb 2022

Completed an activity: Label lights and appliances to show which should be left on or turned off

Thu 24th Feb 2022

Completed an activity: Carry out a spot check to see if lights or electrical items are left on at lunch time

Thu 24th Feb 2022

Completed an activity: Set up an Energy or Eco team to lead on energy efficiency at your school

Thu 24th Feb 2022

Added insulation to hot water tanks and pipes

Mon 21st Feb 2022

Added solar PV

Mon 14th Feb 2022
October 2021
1 action

Upgraded security lights to LED

Tue 19th Oct 2021
August 2021
1 action

Upgraded interior lights to LED

Tue 24th Aug 2021

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